Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is NASA’s Terra Satellite Seeing Optical Illusions?

When the data of the sun-synchronous environmental research satellite showed that the Amazon Rain Forest was greener than it actually was during a drought proof that the NASA Terra satellite is plagued with an optical illusion? 

By: Ringo Bones

Ever since it was launched in Vandenberg Air force Base back in December 18, 1999, NASA’s Terra satellite was expected to be a warts-n’-all environmental science instruments that was expected to provide an “unbiased” environmental assessment of our planet’s most critically endangered ecosystems. But does the recently discovered “optical illusion” provided by the multi-million US dollar optics of the said satellite discovered by a team of scientists at Swansea University about to cast doubt the most recent scientific data about the extent of climate change and global warming? 

Professor Peter North of Swansea University in the UK was one of the consulted experts that checked out why NASA’s Terra satellite was seeing “optical illusions” given that it is an unbiased scientific instrument after providing data that the Amazon Rain Forest is greener than it actually does – even during times of recent prolonged unseasonable drought – despite scientists actually in the Amazon Rain Forest providing contradictory data “seen” by the Terra satellite. Professor North explains that it was due to the Terra satellite seeing the Amazon Rain Forest at a particular angle in its sun-synchronous orbit that made its advanced optics – despite of the satellite’s high-tech false color far infrared and deep ultraviolet capabilities - see as if the Amazon Rain Forest is greener than it actually is even in times of the recent prolonged drought that affected the environmentally sensitive region. 

Professor Danny McCarroll of Swansea University also states that the recent revelation that the Terra satellite is plagued by “optical illusions” could probably throw back all the research done so far on how “preventable” greenhouse gas emissions produced by our industrial activity thrown into the atmosphere affect our fragile climate. The Terra satellite data might be hijacked by climate change deniers who so far had resorted to conservative right-wing evangelical activism to disprove recent climate data supporting climate change and global warming. 

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Sherry said...

Very good work for Professor Peter North of the Swansea University's Department of Geography to catch the "optical foibles" of NASA's Terra satellite.