Monday, May 9, 2011

Sex in Space: The Next Giant Leap?

After humanity's 50 year long space exploration, is sex in space the next "Giant Leap"?

By: Ringo Bones

Officially, NASA neither confirms nor denies that their tenured astronauts ever had sex in space at the expense of American taxpayers. But with the advent of space tourism, will the very rich and adventurous pioneer to be the first members of the fabled 200-mile-high club?

Isaac Newton's Third law of Motion could make sex in the weightless conditions of space - or technically a spacecraft in Earth orbit - a somewhat "clumsy" affair, but famed science fiction writer Vanna Bonta - better known as the author of Flight had recently invented the Two Suit, an outfit with strategically placed Velcro attachments to make sex in the weightlessness of space a much more romantic and less clumsy affair.

Recently tested on G Force One - a plane capable of simulating weightlessness 30 seconds at a time by performing a series of parabolic dives to neutralize the pull of Earth's gravity. Vanna Bonta's Two Suit managed to make sex in weightless near-space conditions a less clumsy affair, although couples need to practice more often in order to master the skills of lovemaking in a weightless environment. In short, sex in space - like astronauts performing EVAs - is a not so easily acquired skill.

But to really make sex in the weightless conditions of space, a much more romantic contrivance is needed - like the construction of a "Snuggle Room". Snuggle Rooms are proposed special rooms or sections likely to be attached in space tourism firm operated space vehicles and space stations. It consists of a cozy padded room with a large enough window to provide a panoramic view of the cosmos or more likely our planet seen from 250 miles up.

Humanity's 50 Years in Space: What's Next?

It's been 50 years since humanity's first forays into space, what's the next "Giant Leap" gonna be?

By: Ringo Bones

Back in April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first ever human to went into space as his VOSTOK 1 (BOCTOK 1 in Cyrillic Russian) capsule whirled one full orbit, then landed on a farm. %0 years and a few days after Gagarin and humanity's first forays into space, most of us are probably asking what's the next "Giant Leap" gonna be?

Space tourism has been slated as the next Giant Leap when it comes to space exploration as Virgin Galactic - the Richard Branson owned space tourism business - probably has no competitors yet business wise has been very busy during the last few years in developing their space tourism infrastructure. While government paid return trips to the Moon and epic missions to the planet Mars are still a few decades away, space tourism would probably be humanity's de facto next "Giant Leap" when it comes to space exploration.